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Founded in 1993 in Thonon-les-Bains, the Pome Turbil gallery of its former name Art / Espace, today resides in the heart of the city of Lyon, rue Burdeau. Renowned artists like Eric Dessert, Alexandre Hollan and Alechinsky to name a few, were exhibited at the Pome Turbil Gallery. Our studio was commissioned to create the visual identity and the website for this place. Our first thought was to define our share of graphic intervention in the creation of the visual identity of the gallery. Typography: Dala Floda Roman no2, Dala Floda Italic no2 Designer: Paul Barnes Foundry: Commercial Type


Typography & logotype

We did not want the formal work to take precedence over the artistic productions. We have turned to typographic work, seeking to highlight a character that is both historical and unique.

To achieve identity, we used the charm of the Dala Floda designed by Paul Barnes.


“The neutralized space, as if suspended outside time and space, of the gallery. "

Brian O'Doherty — Inside the White Cube

Responsive site

We wanted through the communication media and especially the site, to redefine the gallery space. The site is in the form of a blank page, signifying the blank exhibition wall. We wanted to give Pome Turbil the possibility of defining the hanging of the works presented on the site itself.


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