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In line with the visual identity created in 2018 by our agency, Esail entrusted us with the production of the editorial line for Esail Paper, their annual newspaper. The logotype takes up that of the logo and evolves with a naming specific to the publication. Esail Paper traces student life for a year, unlike an administrative document, it should be read and read with pleasure, in a fun way.

As for the visual identity, the publication always uses different weights from the Helvetica typography to bring dynamism and more visual freedom to this medium.

The challenge was to get closer to the graphic codes known from the paper press, but to associate them with the Esail Lab brand identity.

The logotype present in the header is fixed and does not vary according to the numbers published.

Conversely, the School leaves us free to think about the visual of the cover, each issue is then unique but is part of a collection logic.

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