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Our agency was commissioned by Les boissons de l'aube to define the visual identity of their Kombucha brand. Boocha! It's not just a brand of kombucha! It offers a taste and visual experience, in perfect agreement with the quality of the product offered. A bit provocative, the visual universe revolves around a typeface stemming from the consumer codes of the 80s, it is a perfect snub to the marketing of current large-scale distribution, give Boocha! a singular and unique positioning in its sector. (Due to the current economic situation, the launch has been delayed. We hope to be able to introduce you to the whole project soon!)

The font

Designed by Cahya Sofyan and published by Studio Sun, the "Brice" typeface consists of 30 fonts.

We wanted to play with the codes of the consumer society, while making reference to products from mass distribution, the "Brice" font was perfect for that.

The different casing and grease fonts allow the brand to communicate simply and skillfully on different media while maintaining rhythm, dynamism and hierarchy in the information.

A playful identity

The image of Boocha! is playful, graphic and sincere. It must highlight the artisanal side of the production as well as the quality of the products which make an exceptional drink from Rhône-Alpes!

The "!" is the character that makes all the difference, he lends orality to the name, and a commitment to pronounce the brand, while creating a bond between Boocha! and its consumers.

Stickers made up of onomatopoeias or engaging messages are used on communication media to emphasize orality; the floor is given to the consumer. Once again, it is about playing with the communication codes of mass distribution.

The message must be friendly, it is possible to change it by using several fonts of the "Brice" font depending on the space available.

The illustration is added to the message with just as much simplicity as the font, to add legibility to the flavors offered.

A basic ingredient in the making of Kombucha, tea is present throughout all communication, especially on packaging. It is a common thread and brings a form of lightness and well-being, reassuring for the consumer. It helps to give a healthy image of the drink.

Secondary illustrations are unique to the flavor of each product. The current range is made up of ginger, verbena and spices. You have to have enough details to identify the taste and be synthetic because the illustration will be small on the packaging, too many details would affect its readability.

Mise en page et présentation de l'affiche, présentant le produit de kombucha aux épices.

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