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Bénéfices Durables aims to support organizations to integrate the fields of global performance into their decision criteria, at the heart of their projects as well as in their daily management. The company values hidden profits, financial benefits and non-financial benefits, all of the factors that create lasting value. Our communication agency was commissioned on the one hand to think about the brand strategy of the company, namely the analysis of targets, competitors, expertise and competitiveness of Sustainable Benefits. On the other hand for the creation of the visual universe of the brand, search for an acronym, a typography, a colorimetric range, and consider the use of the logotype and the codes which accompany it on the whole communication media.

Les valeurs RSE

Support is the watchword of Sustainable Benefits. Its role is above all to make a company evolve positively through four main values.

- the establishment of a societal, environmental watch system, etc. ;

- define the ethics of the company through a charter;

- push sustainable development in different points through quality assurance programs, etc. ;

- better risk management.

The visual identity had to formally integrate this support for change. Our agency wanted to offer a reassuring, dynamic and consistent brand universe.

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