We are re-designing the legendary Tour de France jerseys!

05-10-20 | Graphic design |

We already see some of you coming as a group of chasers eager to devour the lead group, shouting "it was better before!".

One thing is certain, we love the originals designed in the greatest simplicity. They feature one, see two sponsors and are made up of clearly identifiable colors (you had to dare to combine yellow and purple). And the archival photos of the "Cannibal," bearing the colors of Molteni, Arcore's small Italian delicatessen company, won't be taken from our heads.

We wanted to re-design these mythical jerseys and offer a look that would be that of the graphic designer for similar commissioning work in 2020.
The challenge is to preserve on the one hand, the general spirit as well as the composition structure of the original jersey. On the other hand, the second job was to think of the new visual in line with the identity of the current brand. The checkered pattern of the fabulous Peugeot jersey worn by Bernard Thévenet has been redesigned in a more technical spirit. As for that of Brooklyn, the lines, the spaces and the contrast offer a dynamic jersey, impacting and technically very impractical in 1970.

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